With 25 years experience and over 1,000 projects completed, The Express Group has a reputation for delivering the most beautiful Set Designs on time and on budget.

Our staff is trained to hear your needs and exceed your expectations. Design functionality and flexibility to us is key. All Express Group projects have three important things in common.

First, the most experienced news set designers in the world are at The Express Group. Their insight, innovation, and experience is focused intently on creating exactly the right look for your specific audience. Second, we understand the fundamentals of mathematics. We've done more news environments than anyone and we know the importance of schedules and budgets. We have a well deserved reputation for staying within established budgets, and every project is precisely on schedule. Third, we are easy to work with. We make the process simple and enjoyable. Call our number and then relax right into the best look in your market. Don't wait. Call us today (619) 280-9061